Curren$y - Cleopatra Zones Lyrics

Curren$y Lyrics

Cleopatra Zones Lyrics
[Verse 1: Curren$y]
My money up I bought the same car twice
I put one up museum pieces on ice
A future classic I've got foresight
Style too cold to be stole you'll get frost bite
I'm often imitated, though they never copy right
Logos on my letter head Jets copyright
Protected learned my lesson through some deals that wasn't right
Tires peeling like bananas burnouts at the light
Throw my set up out the window, we know what them hoes like
Rich nigga, hoes choose upon sight
Shit baby girl I want some shrimp with that rice
She know them niggas from my side drive nice cars
Park 'em at lofts, disappear for the night
Four corks in the in my bucket, Rose, Clicquot
In my system I'm right, bitch calm down, don't be acting all pysched
I'm not one of them guys, that's gon' hurry up and buy
I'm laid back I ain't gotta press to f*ck, you gon' wan' give me that
As I proceed to roll up something loud
Bust yo ear drums, bitch I'm bossed out, smoke something
Living through these, vice city goggles
Roof top shots of vodka, helipad, bar hopping
Cancel that bitch, buy a new one, I'm always shopping

[Verse 2: Fiend]
Move as the mob over the Mediterranian
Money make the snobbish ask again what lane he in
Spot blood suckers like born Transylvanian
Block so hot, they praying for it to rain again
I'm triple digits outside of this cool
If sweat get broke, she breaking her rules
E'ry neighborhood got a LeBron and a Jordan
And the Jumpmans stand for jumping off the porch and
Horns describe I got away with a small fortune
In my life, my right to live
Misconductly thoughts, bits of ground chuck
Haunts of ya mistrust, don't know where ya wound up
So much white think Christ done found us
And I never forget when they tried to drown us
We done buried so many, and prayed for way more
When scary ain't in us we on the radar
Blood of an innocent youngin', his father numbin'
Massacres at the movie theater, what we becomin'?
Battle in my Barkley's, this black card, my car keys
I tutored to the hustlas spare time, I taught these
Pizzazz and the paper make her don't want leave
Plug so sweet a diabetic want these
I'm on the shrooms and Ketel One
See these shoes? we never run
Better crew will never come

[Hook x4: Curren$y]
On the life bitches are mine, bitches gonna smoke somethin
On the life bitches are mine, bitches gonna smoke somethin with me

Just brought this here for me
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