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Curren$y Lyrics

Chasin' Paper Lyrics
[Verse 1: Curren$y]
I know what it's like
To want it all, I was born to ball
Making Lamborghini engine sounds pedaling my bike
Lusted at luxury life since a tyke
Switches on a Monte Carlo turn a car into a trike
These images was burned in my mind
Chasing that paper like it stole something of mine
It did though, friends killed over small bills
I still go, hard spitting bars for them folk
Life so fragile
But the big bucks lay down the road less travelled
Cause they scared of the hazards
We living for the money, nigga we dying to have it
These hoes shaking asses doing lines
Popping valiums adding to a long list of bad habits
Niggas murdering, burglaring and kidnapping
Dashing and cashing all in the midst of the madness

[Hook: Pharrell]
I know
I was there so I seen and I did what you up to
I know you're chasing the paper (my nigga)
I know that scared but it's there and the girls wanna f*ck you
I know you're chasing that paper (you're chasing that paper)

[Verse 2: Curren$y]
I know what that it is
All I wanted was some rims
I had a couple girls
But I knew if I had some chrome, I could multiply them hoes by ten
Materialistic them bitches is kinda hypocritical though my nigga
Because we play the same games wit 'em
Guilty of it f*ck it though
I'm lane switching with no roof like a house when a tornado hit it
No kidding this world ain't Disney
These characters is after your pennies
Stack up can't go far with the dealings
Pimpin, back up, look at the whole picture and then see if it add up
I ain't no mathematician but I can count
On the jets fetching a very large amount
Racks on, racks on racks
Stretch marks on my account
I know how you feel I'm still feeling it now

[Hook: Pharrell]

[Outro: Curren$y x2]
Eyes low but I'm still watching outsiders
Baby girl know that she rolling with a rida
Money on my mind yeah that shit is inside us
I'm up all night chasing paper (paper)

[Hook: Pharrell]
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