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Curren$y Lyrics

Boss Dealings Lyrics
[Verse 1: Noreaga]
So there's about a million ways to make a million dollars
I know some chicks who try to make it from they baby fathers
I know some niggas that will shoot you right in front the cops
And do that 23 hour locked in the box
As a youth I prayed I make it out of poverty
Without rap, I would still be into robbery
Self conscious, self made
Got my life out of coach, upgrade
They try to claim it's a brand new game
Some brand new nigga sounded brand new lames
A brand new view from young OG's perspective
I love Newport so I iced out the necklace
I grew out of that, and got rid of it
And made chicks eat chicks on they period, eww
Uh that's nasty, got a song with Cassie
That should prolly tell you that I'm at least half classy
Reefer smoke, reefer smoke, f*ck it let the reefer smoke
They can't afford the sour so they go and get the cheaper smoke
It's premeditated, I'm a highly dedicated
Highly medicated, shit, f*ck it nigga

[Verse 2: Curren$y]
Smoking a Jernt, scribbled in my tablets
Stone thoughts nigga, scared of brain mathematics
Weed blurring my vision
Still see them digits add up to that Bentley truck
Parking sensor's beeping when I back up
I ain't got it now, but by the time you hear this
I instagram that motherf*cker, hot boxing it
So many clouds we smoking, looking like a rolling explosion
Them bad bitches know him, kush and Gucci cologne
Releasing they pheromones, she horny
Looking for escape route, her man's be on it
Cops style, that bitch wild, I'm parked outside, I'm waiting on her
Back door flow, ho sled in the coupe with weed rolled up
Drove off, Jet life never die, G code Cause
Pinky finger's frozen, Cuban link golden
Only built for that shit that them niggas kill for
Audio dope, fly as everything you never saw, forever raw
Yeah, that's us dog

[Verse 3: Styles P]
Nigga you ain't getting high, what the f*ck you give a f*ck for
I just float, and watch the money come
Hustle when I was 12, own shit when I was 21
Whether walking or driving, I'm on the money run
Do it for jail niggas, microwaving they honey bun
Now everybody 'bout that life
You got shooters, I'm a shoot an eye out your life
That's the off switch, boss shit, couple niggas and corpses
Ask the security, y'all niggas up in the office
I get busy with the pounds, keys, and Taurus
That's a loaded gun, nigga start the Vet, let the motor run
Light the jedi, watch Yoda come
Tell em f*ck em all nigga yeah I said it
I like to buy my shit, I don't care for credit
You can blank it out, I don't care to edit
Any rapper alive is who I dare to set it, yeah
It's Ghost, Spitta, and NO, let your man know
I have your face looking like you just f*cked up an endo
Ew, nigga, ew, nigga
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