Curren$y - Audio Dope III Lyrics

Curren$y Lyrics

Audio Dope III Lyrics
What car chases are made of
Get high, give motherf*ckers what they came for
On sight appraisal
You ain't worth shit streaks on newspaper
Square fruity ass nigga you a now and later
Can't do me shit you just like to say it huh?
Harmless, water baloon bomb threats
My rain supreme I got your main bitch wet
Step the f*ck off homeboy you lost it
See fathers be sons by my bossness
Jet life front office
Hand orders down to my sergeant
Motherf*cker we the army
Better yet the navy, air force assault team
Game to be sold holla at me for consulting
Success resulting from whatever I invest myself in
I come up like gull wings
From this high up yo big plans look like small things
Could you please land my plane in New Orleans
I got the ref in my crib cause I'm balling
My bitch cook every night but I rap like I'm starving
Effortless progression
Like that moving sidewalk thing in the airport
Motherf*ck that, teleport he was last in the park scene
In a pair of polo chino's and sum white gold rosary beads
Feeding pigeons bread crust and saltines
Laying low, highly enlightened though
Pinning these quotes
Audio Dope
Steady giving these suckas rope
Audio Dope
Steady giving real people hope
Audio Dope
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