Curren$y - Audio Dope 5 Lyrics

Curren$y Lyrics

Audio Dope 5 Lyrics
Sleeping outside for it, like they waiting on Jordan's... nigga

Bunsen burners, laboratory beakers
Pour it in the speakers
Haters fire heatseekers
Though they fail to reach us, we
Too cold, your soul
Shiver when you see us
Mad that you can't be us
So you planning ways to see us
Defeated, it's not happening
One deep in them two seaters mashing
Ignoring the pain like pitbulls when they scrapping
I'm, too far in it to stop and see if I'm injured
I gotta finish my nigga, I gotta kill it
Signed, sealed, delivered at your front door nigga
Where you gonna go nigga
Audio dope dealers
Smugglers ripping through the jungle on them four wheelers
Shit don't get no real love
We got these hoes chilling
Because we can smoke in here
Working hard, we party with the privileged
I got it all, because I'm gifted
The lord giveth, my nigga

[Chorus x2:]
Knocking at the door cause' they want some more
Sleeping outside for it, like they waiting on Jordans
I can't afford, to not record it
Cause' I know them niggas waiting on it

Jet life, love boat, all aboard bitches
Smoke a jernt, and play some shuffleboard with me
Them boys living, them boys getting it
Going from boys to men
Check the cut on my denim
Check the stitching
Authenticism in my lyricism
Studio coke written
The booth, the stove, the kitchen
Scraping the sides of the pot
Not a dollar we missing
And the aim still the same
We acquiring more millions
It's like the Wire
It's like New Jack City
It's like Menace
This shit serious, I'm not kidding
You'll get killed for being curious
Cats get chased by the big dogs
Round' here, aw yeah
Shit will get wicked quick
And ya'll was just kicking it
Now you gotta pick up your homie up
Cause he got hit, and them niggas is still shooting
F*ck is you gonna do
Pussyfoots'll never feel a real niggas shoes


Hoes feel this, professional audio dope dealers...
Yeah man...
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