Curren$y - A Milli (In & Out) Lyrics

Curren$y Lyrics

A Milli (In & Out) Lyrics
I told my homies that I wouldn't spit on this but my friends at all hip hop . com said to hit so I figured I would get it kill it download it take a shit on it like that one bitch I figures that amber scam excuse me I'm silly for really my city they feel me bitches dig me they know I'm the truth we smoke weed and laugh at you so fly wrote this rap attached to a parachute look up to the sky bracelet fly it's when it's spat at you I'm a big deal spitta put ya girl in his videos and drop her like jay did a mil how many bars will I give niggas they listenin at attention like I know curren$y gon diss homie on this one I'll show you something different I'm a show you why they call me spit vicious how many killa bars can I give you a minute pass tipsy I'm pissy just stuck in the bizzy I wanna walk around but I'm picturing myself slippin and fallin on the ground so I just play the couch tell my bitch to bring them zig zagz out and fill em in the middle with sticky piff and security ain't even trippin they just glad to have us in the building we happy to be in it to because we got these bitches we posin for these pictures grabbin ass and signing titties and evry where I'm gon the same question spitta why them niggas scared to see you on they know I'm a sell
I'm still here won't quit til I get my fair share shoe closet full of oxygen I rock a lota airs bought a Jordan double pack and threw away the new apparel spitta lay it back like the hair of a vintage billd d willy and court with the entire castle my cousin vinny I broke up with tiffany now she lonely feelin unpretty she say she to depressed to eat she bone and getting skinny I got no pity for these skeezers ride a Bentley many features walk with me on many features I don't f*ck with many people in the game I gotta grudge for when they was all sleepin on me main and now I gotta buzz like lightyear and you niggas into now I'm in the record label offices right now they offerin me a milliiiiiiiiiii
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