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Curren$y Lyrics

Address Lyrics
Yeah, yeah
It's all good
It's all ready
Yeah, all ready understood
Ain't nothin
Still the same old, that's all
Ain't nothin change, fool

[Verse 1: Curren$y]
Yeah, uhh, nigga for what
Get done with them suckers
When I'm high as f*ck
And they under us
Catch ya crook and ya neck
I'm tryin' watch the jets
Mr.Tokyo drift, spin ya'in on a vet
Lookin' for ya bitch fool
Take one guess she caught up in the rapture
Wakin and bakin I need a greatest hits blastin
Petal mashin, paper twistin, scrape a engine
Rag racer, no 3D glasses just a high ass rapper
Spitta, nigga in the building
Nah I'm on the roof chillen
The pool up here, couple chicks I grew up with
Bottles in the cooler
If ya don't know how to do it homie I'll school ya
Barrell roll, loop de loop, top gun manuevers
Makin hot wheels outta hookahs,
Holdin it down like balloon strings

Uhh, it's all good
Ain't gotta be said
It's all ready understood
Ain't nothin,
Ain't nothin' change but the address (fool)
Ain't nothin' change but the address
We still the same old niggas switchin the script
But we still playin' the same roll, that's all
Ain't nothin' changed but the address (fool)
Ain't nothin change

[Verse 2: Stalley]
Starin out the villa at the ocean miles long
Tryin' to figure out raps to put up in a song
Nights long but the day short
Night shorts, all girls sock shootin three's, lounge care
Long beard you can tell I ain't from round here
Obvious with the occasional glare from the natives
Call em back tell my mama I make it
Not come place it with the life style
Feels good but it's hard to crack a smile
When the ones you came up with not around
Roll a joint after pickin through the pound
Whole perception done changed
Funny how at 3 how a flight can make ya life change
Tight things I be thinkin on
When I'm driftin in and out of herb clouds
Hangin on every second of the moment
So you can feel all the memories I come home with
And for those that miss me I'll be back don't trip
In the mirror with this shift kick
Ocean side, doors open wide tryin' not to be sea sick
Plottin in the tropics thinkin' how I'm gone run ish
Back in the states when I'm leavin


Yeahh nigga
[beat fades out]
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