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Curren$y Lyrics

10 Bricks Lyrics
[Intro: French Montana]
Ill slow it down for em you know?
Sometimes they say you gotta laugh
You might laugh to cry out
Oh man, when you get time to relax?
That's the question, know what Im sayin'?

[Verse 1: French Montana]
Homie I just lost my only paper, back to square one
Feel like misery is my only neighbor
They say God protect us, I dunno why I feel safer with a burner
Gettin high got me locked up in the prison
Smellin' like last night, why people sellin' their soul for the fast life?
No nobody loves it, and they tell us go fight for the flag, but don't fight for them colors
Watch some television, have you baptist and your brain washed
What to wear, where to live, what to do when a friend is a friend with a motive em
Broke plans have a nigga down feelin hopeless
Hopin' I can make mills 'fore I lay on my back
On the block where a million niggas flippin' packs
Grabbin my leg, feel like crabs in the bucket cant get ahead

[Hook: Big K.R.I.T.]
Cause either niggas waitin' on ya or they hatin' on ya
Tell em I aint fallin off never
Bitch I say but they dont want it
I put some money on it, coldest motherf*cker ever
Cause either you a made man or your game plan changed
Tryna make that kind of money that dont exchange hands
You the pimp type or you hoe'n out
Motherf*ckers know exactly what I'm talkin' bout

[Verse 2: Currensy]
Too much goin' on to think about
Old school Camero like the new ones never dropped
Bitch wavin' while Im swingin' but I cant stop
Like that green, bitch we always got that green light, which you mean?
Taco where I please, hoe be like "dont leave"
But baby Im in the breeze
Money dont grow on em, but I for sure smoke on em
Cadillac with the rits with the true spokes on em
Labs whatever you want, we have
Flingin' like the rock fire by David and Goliath
Word rhymin' Heisman, Joe Namath with my fur coat sidelinin'
I bought Rolex watches for all of my offensive linemen
Because its time to make it happen, audio dope boy magic
Burnin' through the plastic, touchdown passes
Flickin' fleas off like ashes


[Verse 3: Smoke DZA]
Niggas actin funny on the daily, spare me
I be in different motions sincerely
Not a f*ck given in my body, sorry
Try to hit me with that old school game, Atari
Leave like Lawrys nigga saucy as siht
You know the type back bite, but when they see you straight hop on your dick
I'm like are these niggas stupid or naw?
Rhetorical question as I puff on my 'gar
Aint heard from my homie in weeks he in the hole
But I get that unavailable call I already know
As soon as a nigga press 5, he hit me with a riiiight
I be hyped daddy keepin' spirits alive
Said he heard me on the radio the whole building was live
He like "I wont see daylight soon"
But as long as you shinin' bro I'll be cool

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