Conway Twitty - For Heaven's Sake Lyrics

Conway Twitty Lyrics

For Heaven's Sake Lyrics
(Lorene Allen - Maggie Vaughn - Frankie Fuller)

We thought the baby was the answer to keep us happy in our world
Our prayers were answered with the darling baby girl
And we named her Heaven but a child's not all it takes
But I'll stay, and I'll stay for heaven's sake.

You often send me roses and kiss me when you leave home
And you pick out my shirt and tie, like nothing's ever wrong
But we're only fooling heaven, we can't make a mistake
I won't leave you, I'll see it through for heaven's sake.

Christmas trees and make believe for heaven's sake
Ginger mint and let's pretent, if that's what it takes
Evening prayers and pigtails, teddy bears
And wishing wells for heaven's sake.

Rollers case and skinned up knee and dirty face
I kiss her hurt until her tears are all erased
Baby dolls and your high heels,
Lollipops before her meal for heaven's sake...

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