Conway Twitty - Come See About Me Lyrics

Conway Twitty Lyrics

Come See About Me Lyrics
Somebody listen
I'm a voice in the distance
Crying, come see about me
I am a stranger in a world filled with anger
Come see about me.

I'm gettin' weary tryin' to carry
This load all by myself
I'm bone tired and fallin'
Can't you hear me callin'
I need somebody's help

--- Instrumental ---

I am a young man
Growing wild across this land
Come see about me
I'm fourscore and twenty
I ain't got anybody
Come see about me.

I'm somebody's children
Alone and forsaken
A wave that's lost at sea
I'm right here behind you
I'm all around you
So slow down turn around
And you will see.

--- Instrumental ---

I am your mother
Your sister and your brother
Come see about me
I am a baby
my mother ain't no lady
Come see about me.

I am your maker
The giver and the taker
Come see about me...

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