Chris Brown - Shit God Damn Lyrics

Chris Brown Lyrics

Shit God Damn Lyrics
[Chorus: Chris Brown]
Shit God damn
In the club, jumpin', let the party begin
And I got 'em like, shit God damn
VIP that's our section
Got 'em like shit god damn
Ay shawty, you can bring all your friends
We got 'em like shit God damn
We got 'em like shit God damn
God damn, God damn,

[Verse 1:]
Got the chauffeur just to open the doors
I'm fly, and I know it, ohhhh
You make me yodel le he hoo
Cause you bad, Yes I know it
Girl you got that fire
Need to break me off
Get closer to my bed then you take it off
And I'm the flyest nigga in here, knock it off
See me and Sean came for the ladies
It's about to get crazy, in here
And it's a lot around the block
All the single ladies you be takin', by me


[Verse 2: Big Sean]
Bitch is so nasty
Now I got a hundred thousand dollars, and girls both legal
Patron chillin' on rocks like a bald eagle
Ooooh it's about to get drastic
Ass is like the number one draft pick
I does this shit historically
No wonder why they recorded me
I'm important as these imported drinks that they pour for me
Your wifey is a whore to me
I break her, break her off then send her back like she got a warranty (do it)
Bust it open girl, let me see somethin'
Her and her friend ask what time it is, 3-some'n duh
It's just me and C-Breezy
Life's a bitch cause the hoes to easy
I blow a oh oh oh oh smokin' loudly boy
Just blew 4 O's I'm outty boy
I got this shit so cloudy boy
All these hoes up in my truck
That shit look like a lobby boy
But you don't, you don't, you don't know nothin' bout that boy


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