Chris Brown - Invented Head Lyrics

Chris Brown Lyrics

Invented Head Lyrics
Soon as I walked in the room she was on me
Like nigga take them clothes off and put it on me
So I'm about to go hard for real
Let me throw your ass on the bed peel
Your pants shirt panties and your bra
Right off of your body I'm a put you on the wall
Who you gonna call when you need the deal
You already know I'm a frea in th sheets

When I get you to the crib(back to the crib)
Upstairs in the bed(upstairs to the bed)
Girl you gon think [x4]
That I'm a champion(I'm a winner)
I now how to get it done(hell yeah)
Girl you gon think
Girl you gon think
I'm a make you think
You gon think
You gon think
You gon think I invented head

I be havin you singing like opera
Put that soprano on your tone like opera
I use my tongue yea I'm a cookie monster
You a amazon so can you take this anaconda
This the shit so I had to get on this
Not even 21 but I'm already on that grown shit
So can I lick it lick it lick it
Why you think we in the kitchen


Yeah wen I kiss you
Yeah when I lick you
It's like na na na na nana
Like na na na na nana
Baby yeah when I touch you
You know that I'm gon f*ck you

I know how to get it done yea

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