Chris Brown - Basketball (Snippet) Lyrics

Chris Brown Lyrics

Basketball (Snippet) Lyrics
Hey lou mom holders
You movin too fast baby girl slow...
I don't know what these... boyd told ya
But lemme let you know you dealing with a soldier
So slide open my way, let's get it going
You got it going on and you know it
I got a lot of moves, I'm a show...
And... wanna bounce so let's go then
Let's get it poppin I dope in
Everytime I woke in, I dope in
If you ain't no win, I dope in
Baby step back... so I can show in
I know a lot of dudes in here got the eye on you
But none of them can do for you what I'm gonna do
They wanna get my... with the...
I'm number one tonight they never call me number two
Now everybody want it better

And I'm about to win a... on the...
So when you see me do what,
Come do what I did, do what I did
I'm about to shake another one
Come do what I did, do what I did.

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