Tougher Than the Rest (Introduction) Lyrics by Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen Lyrics

Tougher Than the Rest (Introduction) Lyrics
Alright, alright, she is the queen of my heart. She is my flaming beauty. My Jersey girl. She is a great songwriter, she's one of the loveliest voices I've ever heard. She is smart, tough, but fragile. Don't forget that part. If we love those in whose companies reflected the best of us, that's the light she shines on me. 1984 one night, hangin' out at the Stone Pony and this beautiful redhead shows up and sits in with the Sunday night house band, and that is the night I fell in love with Patti's voice. She got on stage, this blaze of red, she performed a great version of The Exciters' hit song "Tell Him". So the first line of the first song I ever heard Patti sing was "I know somethin' about love". She does. Ladies and gentlemen Patti Scialfa

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