Brilliant Disguise (Introduction) Lyrics by Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen Lyrics

Brilliant Disguise (Introduction) Lyrics
Trust uh, trust in a relationship's a fragile thing. Uh, always been a little complicated for me 'cause trust requires allowing others to see as much of our real selves as we have the courage to reveal. But I mean uh, I don't wanna see my real self, why would, why would others want to? But it means allowing others to see behind our many masks, masks we wear, overcomin' that fear, or rather learning how to love and how to trust in spite of it.

It takes a little courage, and a very strong partner. 'Cause in this life you make your choices and you take your stand and you awaken from that youthful spell of immortality where it feels like the road's gonna go on forever. And you walk alongside your chosen partner with the clock ticking, and you recognize that life is finite, that you've got just so much time, and so together, you name the things that'll give your life in that time its meaning, its purpose, its fullness, its, its very reality. And this is what you build together, this is, what your love consists of. This is what you, this is your life, ya know. And these are things that you can hold onto when the storms come, as they will.

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