The Browns - Close Lyrics

The Browns Lyrics

Close Lyrics
Maybe I am not that one and only guy
Whose touch will thrill you to the sky
And bring the lovelight to your eyes
Until the day the love you dream of comes your way
Because I love you so
Oh, let me stay close to you

If your dear, is waiting for that song you hear
So far away and yet so clear
You feel your lover must be near
But till the day he seems that song the angels play
Because I love you so, oh. let me stay
Close to you, close to you, close to you

For maybe I am just a sentimental guy
Whose heart believes as time goes by
You'll come to me with misty eyes
Filled with life, for I'm the one you really love
And hold me just the way I dream you'd do
Close to you, close to you...

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