Britney Spears - What You See Lyrics

Britney Spears Lyrics

What You See Lyrics
ah, ah ah
ah, ah ah

There's days
I'm away
Because I'm down with you everyday
There you say
Break away
I'm missing out on the fun and games

But you smile
And no words they tell me
Quit with this appeal
You speak and there is no other
Voice that I can hear

I spend my days
With you
I spend my nights
Thinkin' about you (2x)

You're so fine
On my mind
And I think about you
All the time
Day and night
Feels so right
And for us there is no end in sight

Each day that I spend around you
Passes by to fast
Each night
That I spend without you
Is longer than the last


You know I can't get
enough of you
You know that 24 hours
won't ever, ever do

Chorus (Repeat till fade)

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