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Sugarfall Lyrics

From the Album: Blackout

My momma told me go on and let you go
said you would bring more problems than I'd ever know
Said if hes gonna go than let him go away

But then I get the urge it hurts so bad
Then I feel the trist it makes me mad
I look up in my bed and look up and there is your face

(You love it, love)
Im so hooked on it, hooked on it
(You want it, want it)
Its so good, a good thing
(Sugarfall, Sugarfall)
You make my sugarfall, sugarfall
(And you know you want it back baby)

I herd it in the streets you got another girl
Yes it did sting but didnt shatter my world
(Im ok)
Who sould catch me now when Im in a vunerable state

Your probably thinking to yourself this just ain't me
On the contrary I was a freak
Hit me one more time and trust me Ill be ok


Now I would be a bitch
If I gathered up my cloths
And headed over straight to the door
You wouldent have a clue
Of what you should do
If I left you laying wanting for more
You'd be like
Baby dont go
Want some more
Dont go
Said baby please

Do you like your lips just to stand alone
You aint got no x-ray vision staring through my cloths
Sure that youre prepared for what comes served on its plate

Wait a minute
Ohh Im having second thoughts
See my hearts in fall
Could you pass my shorts
Dont you got a girl
Till then Im sorry you must wait
Especially since I know

(Chorus) x 2
music end

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