Britney Spears - Now And Then Lyrics

Britney Spears Lyrics

Now And Then Lyrics
Announcer:Have you noticed?You hear something new at fountains
today. People who think young say," Pepsi Please"

Britney:The lively crowd do agree, those who think young say,"Pepsi
Please". Pepsi, for those who think young

Britney:Come alive, Come alive(Ba Ba Ba) You're in the pepsi
generation (You're in the pepsi generation) You're in the pepsi

Britney: Taste that beats the others cold, pepsi pours it on,
pepsi's got that special taste created for the cold.

Britney: You've got a lot to live, and pepsi's got a lot to give

Britney:Simply irresistable, simply irresistable

Britney: (turn it up) come feel the joy around, each generation
has style, they got their own kind of sound, so shout it out
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba come feel that joy of pepsi-cola

Pepsi, for those who think young

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