Britney Spears - How Lyrics

Britney Spears Lyrics

How Lyrics
how can u tell me its not real?
how can u tell me u dont feel... like i do.
we can save this...this is love we dont want to miss.

some questions can't be answered but how?

chorus- can u do these things to me
how...i dont know how u cant see
that you and, are meant to be

Sometimes i think...i can move on.
but how can i do that when when my love is so strong.
i need u baby, more than u know
and i try to let these feelings show.

just tell me can u do this?

repeat chorus

how can u do this to me
u said we were meant to be
i dont understand
we're not still holding hands

it was a fairy tale while it lasted...and i dont know how but....
its over.

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