Britney Spears - Don't Hang Up Lyrics

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Don't Hang Up Lyrics
[Bonus Track]

Baby, I'm lying all alone
Pillow, is all I have to hold
can't feel you, God it isn't fair
without you I still wanna take you there

Don't hang up
It's just gettin serious (damn)
You're making me delirious
Don't hang up
'til I'm finished with you
I'm not alone (don't hang up)
I'm not alone, I can still feel you
even when I'm lonely, and now I'm coming too (don't hang up)
I'm not alone
I can still feel you
feel you when I'm lonely, and now I'm coming too

Tell me, tell me what you see
feel me, feel me underneath
slowly, we began to breath
hold on, hold on to your release


You're far way, we'll find a way
oh baby now, let's make it right
close your eyes (damn)


Don't Hang Up

Don't you feel me too?
Close your eyes...

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