Britney Spears - Boom (And The Song Goes) Lyrics

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Boom (And The Song Goes) Lyrics
Why y'all sweat me?
If you feel me come embrace me
It's my ambition to let you know..
That I like the way you're making me feel
When the walls tremble
Hand be humble
I want to say goodnight
But then you move
I see you rise
I'm searching for words
There's no description

Boom you made me feel
Boom pump your brakes
It's how the song goes
It's like boom
You show up
Boom my body goes
Boom...and that's the way this song goes

(Verse 1)
Ok so maybe I'm 'Miss Britney Spears'
Guards by my side
Make up, wardrobe, smile and say cheese
But all that doesn't matter when I'm out with my hommies
Drop your drinks
Put my hair up
It's getting kinda steamy in here
When I'm on the floor, push aside my image
This is no animation
It's just a song
and it goes boom

Boom what? boom where? boom how? boom when?
It's just the way this song goes
By your side
Light my girl up
Watch your step, it's getting kinda blurry
How could I surpass?
Have I met your expectations?
No this is no club song
No this is no fight song
Yes this my song
It's just a song that goes boom
Boom when you hear it
Boom when you feel it
Boom when you sing it
Boom boom boom

(Verse 2)
So now you wanna play?
Now you wanna dance?
After my approach?
No more questions?
This is my interview
How do you do?
Do you go boom?
Are you boom?
Will you make me go boom?
you know what goes boom?
Baby, you know what?
What goes boom?
Baby this
This does...
Song go..
...Go song
This song
Hun , this song goes boom.

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