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Just Like That Lyrics

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• "Just Like That" is a song by American singer and multi-instrumentalist Bonnie Raitt and is the title track of her eighteenth studio album, Just Like That..., which was released on April 22, 2022.

• The song was written and produced by Raitt and lyrically details the story of a woman who is visited by the recipient of her son's heart, which he received in a life-saving organ donation operation.

• In an interview with American Songwriter, Raitt explained that her initial inspiration for the song came after she saw a human interest piece on the news in 2018 about a woman who donated her deceased child's organs and was meeting the man who received his heart. "I just lost it. It was the most moving and surprising thing. I wasn't expecting it. I vowed right then that I wanted to write a song about what that would take. Every time I hear about a family donating organs when their child has been killed, or there's some sort of sudden death — as if you're not in grief and shock enough — to have the view and the compassion and the love to be able to pay it forward like that is so incredible".

• "Just Like That" won both the Best American Roots Song and the all-genre Song of the Year at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards.

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from the album Just Like That...

April 22, 2022



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