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Bobby Rydell Lyrics

The Fish Lyrics
The Fish
Bobby Rydell
Written by Dixon / Denson / Sheldon

[Do the fish, do the Fish, the Fish, the Fish.]

Come on baby and do the Fish,
I'm gonna teach it to you right,
Come on baby, just like this,
We're gonna do the Fish tonight.

Its easy, baby so follow me,
Its a natural dance to do,
And once you do it you're gonna see
That you really love it too.

[Repeat verse 1]

Now sing it, come on, come on, whoah yeah.
[Do the Fish, do the Fish, the Fish, the Fish]

Before I met you I always thought
There are lots of fish in the sea,
The way you're movin from now on,
You'll only Fish with me.

[Repeat verse 1]

Now sing it
[Do the Fish, do the Fish, the Fish, the Fish]
Come on, oh yeah
You're really learnin', you're doin' fine
I like the crazy way you sway
Cos when I got you on my mind
You melt the night away.

[Repeat verse 1]

Let me show you how its done pretty baby
You gotta swing, you gotta swing, yeah swing, whoah yeah.....

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