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That's Right Lyrics
Chuck Norris, that's right. Bruce Lee, that's right. That's right, I'm kicking it.
That's right, I'm kicking it. That's right, I'm smacking tits. That's right, all night.
That's right, I'll do it twice. That's right, go f*ck yourself. Two times I said this.
That's right, I said this. That's right, go f*ck yourself

[Lil Richid:]
Hey, hey you still there? Hey I knew you bastids were still there! That's right! Go f*ck yourself!
If you wanna know then I'll tell you right now. You better go f*ck yourself two times.
Because I can tell you why. You wanna know why, I'll tell you one time.
If you wanna know why then I'll tell you two times. If I gotta tell you two times, go f*ck yourself twice

[Blackbear:] Yeah, that's right

[Blackbear:] Aye, one time

[Lil Richid:] One time. There's a guy name Pete Quickems

[Blackbear:] Peter Flash Quickems

[Lil Richid:]
It's the fastest man you ever seen in your whole entire life. Pete Quickems! Pete Quickems, he's so fast!
He come around and he score baskets from one court to the other court, before the other ball goes into the other basket and it comes through.
And then he hit the ground and he makes it the the other basket and that keeps going back and forth. Until nobody can score again that's-

[Blackbear:] Because he so fast!

[Lil Richid:] But you never see him, you know why you never see him?

[Blackbear:] If you didn't know, Peter Flash Quickems

[Lil Richid:]
Well come over here! Pete Quickems will be so fast, SO FAST!
That he'll come over here, he knock on your door, you open the door, and roundhouse kick your tits in

At it again. That's right, back flipping tits again. Hey, that's Pete Quickems.
Yeah, that's Pete Quickems. Everybody's like, "Who the f*ck is Pete Quickems?"

[Lil Richid:]
Smack in the face. You know why?
Cause Pete Quickems heard it, he ran across the world, and smacking you right in your f*cking face because you-

[Blackbear:] Fastest man in the world, like, think about his name!

[Lil Richid:] Don't talk about Pete Quickems. He's so fast! Like-

[Blackbear:] Hey, one time-

[Lil Richid:]
Like, think about the name. The middle name is, it's like...
I don't know if I can let it out you guys because it's... it's, it's kind of. I don't know.
Okay well fine I'll tell you. Peter Flash Quickems. PFQ

[Blackbear:] Peter Flash Quickems

[Lil Richid:] That's PFQ, if you didn't know

[Blackbear:] Peter Flash Quickems
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