Bing Crosby - Remember Me? Lyrics

Bing Crosby Lyrics

Remember Me? Lyrics
Remember Me?
Bing Crosby
(H. Warren)
"Mr. Dodd Takes The Air"

Do you remember one September afternoon
I stood with you and listened to a wedding tune,
And didn't I go with you on your honeymoon?
Remember me?

Do you recall a cottage small upon a hill
Where ev'ry day I had to pay another bill?
And if I'm not mistaken, dear, I pay them still
Remember me?

I can see that little angel on your knee
Can't you see, He kinda sorta looks like me
For I'm the boy whose only joy is loving you
Who worries till he hurries home when day is thru
And I'm the guy you give you goodnight kisses to
Remember me?

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