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I Found A Million Dollar Baby Lyrics
I Found A Million Dollar Baby
Bing Crosby

It was composed by the late Harry Warren, whom I knew the last several
years of his life, when he was a member of the Pacific Pioneer
Broadcasters and often was a guest at their luncheons. Harry wrote it
in 1931, I believe; and that was the year that Crosby recorded it on
Brunswick and it was one of his first really big hits. I have known the
lyrics by heart for over fifty years, and here they are from Bing Crosby's

It was a lovely April shower,
It was a most convenient door,
I found a million dollar baby
In a five and ten cent store.
The rain continued for an hour
I hung around for three or four
Around the million dollar baby
In the five and ten cent store.

She was selling china
And when she made those eyes,
I kept buying china
Until the crowd got wise.

If you should run into a shower,
Well step inside my cottage door,
And meet the million dollar baby
From the five and ten cent store

Love comes along like a popular song
Anytime or anywhere at all,
Rain or sunshine,
Spring or fall.
Say, you'll never know when it may say hello
In a very unexpected place,
For example, take my case.

[repeat main set of words completely]

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