Bing Crosby - Evelina Lyrics

Bing Crosby Lyrics

Evelina Lyrics
Bing Crosby
Music by Harold Arlen Lyrics ?
From Bloomer Girl

Evelina, wont ya ever take a shine to that moon?
Evelina, aint ya bothered by the bobolinks tune?
Tell me, tell me how long
Ya gonna keep delayinthe day.
Dont ya reckon its wrong
Trifflin?with April this way?
Evelina, wont ya pay a little mind to me soon?
Wake up! wake up!
The earth is fair, the fruit is fine
But whats the use o?smellin?winter water melon
Clingin?to another fellas vine?
Evelina, wont ya roll off that vine an?be mine?

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