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Viktorious Lyrics
At the end of the day these niggas don't giva f*ck shawty
Ya feel me?
I been doing this shit man since 05 my nigga I just touch down
Representin' that Mississippi shit man I swear they don't give me a shot cause of that shit
Nah I'm country than a muthaf*cker but my lyrical content is crazy
I making my own beats what the f*ck?

[Verse 1:]
They like Krizzle what'chu gonna be if ballin' all they wanna see
The cart land code that hold the Chevy door that fall like angel wings
(All of that been done before) well I'm a keep it simple
With my voice upon a track until it come back monumental
F*ck a hater (I was greater) nominated since a youngin'
Out the womb I was groomed to be the ruler over something
It was nothing to be better (yeah) always on they level
They was hating they was scared cause that rain ain't forever
They been hearing bout me lately, wondering what I'm doing
They been nabb'n I been vick'n for the spot I been pursuing
Ain't no losing where I'm coming from (ain't no going back)
Ain't no looking down (only looking round) where they at?
Where they going when I get here I can't figure out
If you ain't a bank teller nigga what'cha talking bout?
(Tell em Krit)
Telling it for years they been boring us ignoring us
My climb to the top will be glorious

Now I ain't got no animosity in me is coming out now man at the end of the day I wanna see a nigga get money
But'chu can't tell me Mississippi had a run
Not like Texas, not like Florida, not like Memphis, not like Louisiana, not like Atlanta
Hey Alabama did they thang, c'mon shawty
It all boils down to we got something to say you feel me

[Verse 2:]
They like Krizzle what'chu gonna say when all the cameras in your face
Up out the 'ssip with David Banner and what it means to take his place
(Take a stand) do all that I can and take it off the block
Misinterpret what it say (now they think I'm taking shots)
On the low gave a nigga hope that jus' what it is
I don't need a nigga vouchin' for me that jus' how it feel
Never had (never ever been) and I never will
Mississippi never had a run (let's just keep it real)
Now like all these other states, Texas had em swangin' down
Rich Boy through some D's on it, Alabama certified
Florida been outta here (Louisiana keep it trill)
Lil Wayne do his thang (Kush and bud crazy where I live)
Memphis Ten, Yo Gotti, Three 6, Ball & MJ
Atlanta still the Mecca artists blowing out here everyday
(Tell em Krit)
Tell em that for years they aborted us ignoring us restoring will be glorious
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