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Big Krit Lyrics

Purpose Lyrics
[Verse: Big KRIT]
I was born in '86, despite the wolves and rats
Survived the wild and returned with these bear furs on my back
To feed the family, drink the wine, give thanks to God and watch for signs
The winter's cold, but we was chose to rise above the darkened skies
And fight against what lied beneath, my feet are firmly on the ground
Prepare my soul and grit my teeth, fight or flight is going down
What man amongst me says, that I ain't fit to wear my Father's crown
A King of Mine and mine alone, my blood line can't be renounced
Stand up and be counted for, raise your fist as Glory speaks
Heavens what I'm dying for, I swear the Devil's at war with me
I deal with life accordingly one day at a time
And that kingdom we all searching for I pray one day we find
So many have long and gone, so many got left behind
But as time travels and Earth unravels church bells still chime
Planets still align as angels watch over
I break the chains they gave me and put these medals on my shoulders
Cause I ain't no saint

You'll be different
You'll find comfort in family
Your power lies in your faith and beliefs
What's a king without a crown?
Or a kingdom to call his own?
This is purpose
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