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Big Krit Lyrics

Man On Fire Lyrics
F*ck 'em
These hoes come and go shawty, but I don't love 'em
Yeah all I ever had was God, and a pistol
My grandma ain't around the home, I swear I miss her
The world at my front door, is how I feel
I'm having nightmares of dying, I swear it's real
I'm scarred from a life of horror, when will I heal?
I drink a bottle every day, that's how I deal
It's a blessing I saw twenty-four, ain't that the truth
The police never give a pass, they run and shoot
They killing all my lil' niggas, pray for the youth
I'm thinking bout retaliation, pray for me too

I'm living on the edge, watching for a sign
If tomorrow never comes, I'm running out of time
Looking in the mirror, waiting for a change
Tired of the pain, wondering will it rain
I'm a man on fire [4X]

I'm tired of being broke, but how can I do better?
Yeah my partner hollering go, and never ever let up
Push the pedal to the metal, trying not to crash
Them law's right behind me, tell 'em kiss my ass
Burdens on my shoulders, gotta pay the bills
Roaches in my kitchen, eyes full of tears
Get it while it's good, get it how you live
Yeah I lost a couple friends, but that's just how it is
Never trust a soul, cause everybody selling
Never speak your business, cause everybody telling
Be careful when you shine, cause most niggas jealous
It's death before dishonor, never fold under pressure


Lord, haters everywhere, the price of being famous
I'm tryna get to Heaven, and kick it with the angels
Been putting in the work, down to do some dirt
God knows my heart, cause I ain't in the church
Cause every day's a struggle, don't ever leave the storm
What happened to the world? 2000 and beyond
Your baby's having babies, niggas down to kill
Yeah I'm afraid to die, but I ain't happy here

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