Bea Miller - Enemy Fire Lyrics

Bea Miller Lyrics

Enemy Fire Lyrics
Oh, oh, oh [3x]
Enemy fire!

[Verse 1:]
Who's a friend, who's an enemy
'Cause sometimes they look the same to me
But looks can be pleasing, yet so deceiving
Sweet words from a serpent's tongue
It's like playing with a loaded gun
Who knows what truth is?
How do you prove it?
I swear I see you watching me, well

Oh, oh, oh
Come a little closer
Oh, oh, oh
You could be my soldier
Oh, oh, oh
Keeping me safe from all who conspire
Enemy fire!
Oh, oh, oh
I'm looking for some shelter
Oh, oh, oh
From the helter skelter
Oh, oh, oh
Just keep me away from all who conspire
Enemy fire!
Oh, oh, oh [3x]
Enemy fire! [2x]

[Verse 2:]
Burn a hole through the plastic crowd
'Cause I've been trying to find the way out
It's so confusing but never amusing
Sweet smiles in the aftermath
Turned to whispering behind my back
I need an ally to guard the night time
Someone to keep me from these crazies


[Verse 3:]
All around me I hear cries
And bombs are falling from the skies
Can't you help me save my life?


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