Bailey Zimmerman Lyrics

Bailey Zimmerman Lyrics

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From the Album Holy Smokes (2024) (buy at
Holy Smokes
Holy Smokes

From the Album Religiously. The Album. (2023) (buy at
Religiously. The Album.

From the Album Fix'n To Break (2023) (buy at
Fix'n To Break
Fix'n To Break

From the Album Leave The Light On (2022) (buy at
Leave The Light On

From the Album Where It Ends (2022) (buy at
Where It Ends
Where It Ends

From the Album Rock and a Hard Place (2022) (buy at
Rock and a Hard Place
Rock and a Hard Place

From the Album Fall in Love (2022) (buy at
Fall in Love
Fall in Love

Bailey Zimmerman Info:

Bailey Zimmerman is a Country singer and songwriter known for songs including "Small Town Crazy" and "Fall In Love".

When he was a child, his father owned a trucking business. They would listen to country radio while on the road. His mother was a fan of 1980's rock.

Born and raised in the small town of Louisville, Illinois, Zimmerman went from working on the gas pipeline to hitting over 14,000,000 streams with his edgy, rock-infused country sound. Zimmerman’s hit “Small Town Crazy,” a hometown tribute, racked up nearly 8 million streams.

His newest release is "Fall in Love" (2022).,

Birth name:
Bailey Zimmerman

January 27, 2000 (age )

Louisville, Illinois



Years active:

Tour Dates:

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