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Aventura Lyrics

Aventura Lyrics
Sometimes it just feels that if we weren't Aventura,
trabajo en la fritura, you wouldn't speak of us.
And all these girls all love us - do they really really love us?
Cause in school it wasn't like this y hoy todo cambió

No me conoces sólos escuchas mi voz.
You don't know me, you haven't spoke to none of us.
Como te atreves a llamarme comparón.
Yo soy humilde tengo buen corazón.
Para llegar a la fama tienes que ser un campeón.
We've been booed out of stage and look at us.
You can't stop us you can't fade us.
I love my fans but f*ck the haters.
This industry is full of hate and love.
Hoy me siento ser el más popular,
pero no olvido mi barrio.
Holla back mi gente hermosa que tanto quiero;
Dominicano, Puertorriqueño.
Gracias a Diós, gracias a Mami, gracias Papá


Because of you we're number one - Que me ames o me odies
Because of you we're number one - And we'll be together always
Los envidiosos listen up. We invented this style.

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