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NV Lyrics
[Hook - A$AP Ferg:]
Almost crashed the car Mike
This the second time yo' f*ckin' ass been swervin' all night
You almost crashed the car Mike
This the second time yo' f*ckin' ass been swervin' all night
You almost crashed the car Mike
This the second time yo' f*ckin'

[with Hook:]
Yeah make this right fat boy
Hit the f*ckin' right nigga, hurry up nigga make this right
Gangsta Grillz you f*ckin' bastards

[A$AP Nast:]
Ayo, quit the speculation
My rhymes devastating, f*ck that sorry for the wait shit
I spit that funky f*ck yo mama all up in your face shit
This that pop a shot so it's big so you'll replay this
Just peep don't say shit
Like on the real my .40 weighed in
Loaded with shells I pop a shot and leave you with a face lift
Remove your body from the scene down to my mama's basement
The f*ck I'm wasted, a load of sins to send to Satan
Patiently waiting, upon my time to [?]
I know you hate this, cause I'm a winner one of greatness
I rep this A shit, that's to death ain't no replacement
F*ck you Twelvyy, Fergie, Rocky, all you niggas ain't shit


[Spoken with Hook:]
This nigga is a jealous ass bitch
Yo mike, this nigga's a bitch
Yo Nast, my nigga I love you and all but
You be trippin' some times

[A$AP Ferg (A$AP Nast):]
Wake up, hear the story
Cause Nast was starting to bore me
We had a couple of shortys, it was two with the orgy
(Aaw here this nigga go with his f*ckin' story)
I was in Russia, don't you ignore me motherf*cker
We had some motherf*ckers, types of bitch to f*ck your mother
And f*ck your brother
Hol' up, the little one
Type to lick his booty til' the doo doo come
(What type of shit this nigga on)
She nasty, but I f*cked her anyway
If you like me in Russia any day
I used a condom, it ain't like a nigga went renegade
And Nast was cuffin'
He wanted to take the bitch on a little date
And it comes to find out, his black ass couldn't even penetrate
(So what I caught the f*ckin' head
I heard she had aids, so I'd be motherf*ckin' dead)
You motherf*ckin' devil, I'ma tell Rocky
Like "I'ma kill this nigga, and don't you try stop me"
Hold on, you got a gun, you gon' really try to pop me?
(I don't give a f*ck if yo ass kinda stocky
Yeah I'm the cousin of Rocky, I'm supposed to be first
Now say your last words, rest in peace DEEFERG
And you's a bitch nigga, you don't put in no work
But nigga I do, you get put in a hearse)
Get that gun out of my face
(Pussy motherf*cker yeah your ass is the worst
And Twelvyy he aiight, but his ass gettin' murked
I'ma kill all you A$AP's in due time
So you can rot in hell with your mildew rhymes, motherf*cker)

Nast put the f*ckin' down
Put the f*ckin' gun down my nigga
Watch out Mike
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