ASAP Ferg - Dump Dump Lyrics

ASAP Ferg Lyrics

Dump Dump Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
Her hands all on my fade, bitch pop that ass in the coup
That bitch got Lisa Leslie money, she balling, Cheryl Swoops
She keep rubbing her nose, I can tell she wanna snoop
That coke make my dick numb, she put it all in her glutes
Feel like Bishop from Juice, gun all in my boot
Sayonara feeling sauna when I blast that ass with that Uz', ooh
Blast that ass with that Uz', better hope to God it ain't you
Trap Lord with about ten jeeps, no telling what I might do
I f*cked your bitch, nigga and she about to f*ck my crew
She just finished with Twelvyy and now she off to loot
Pussy-ass nigga wearing all black, claim they off to shoot
I pray to God he ain't lying, my gorillas live in the zoo
I got killers with the deuce-deuce, them Tan Boys my niggas
They gon' ride with me too, bust they nines with me too
That's my bilingual crew, who do sign language true
Bandannas in they pockets, how the f*ck we gon' lose?

I f*cked your bitch, nigga, I f*cked your bitch
I f*cked your bitch, nigga, I f*cked your bitch
She suck my dick, nigga, she suck my dick
She suck my dick, nigga, she suck my dick
Ride around town with about 100 niggas
When you see me come around, don't try to run up on a nigga
Fo', pow, lay 'em down, now you six feet under, nigga
If you flip some type of weight, let me see you dump nigga

[Verse 2:]
Ride around my city, feeling like P. Diddy
Glock 9 in my silk shirt, nigga, no pocket, no Biggie
Spilling on, my teeth hurt but these grills worth a milli
I was in the club, I seen the whole thing, I was right next to Meek Milly
Shout outs my nigga Chrissy, don't bug over these bitches
I ain't f*cking with these ratchet hoes, I put a slug in these bitches
Pop a pill in her asshole, put drugs in these bitches
Impress my girl, she fine as f*ck so I ain't loving these bitches
I just be f*cking these bitches, ain't no love for these bitches
Diamond dollers, that Fergenstein, I DDP on these niggas
Feel the heat when it bigger, bullet creeped to his window
Nigga I'm going double wood, f*ck around and catch a splinter
Nine milli, my nigga, get hung, high ceiling, my nigga
All the macks in they Maybachs, no 550, my nigga
They saying Ferg went from "Kissin' Pink" to a Young 50, my nigga
I'm in court for your bitch ass, real shit, my nigga

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