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ASAP Ferg Lyrics

Dope Walk Lyrics
Nigga f*ck the trap lord I'm the dope lord

[Hook x4:]
Do the dope walk, do the dope walk
Nigga f*ck the trap lord I'm the dope lord
Now I'm on my gangsta lean like a dope fiend
My walk meaner than Cara Delevingne's

Check out my walk because it is so amazing
Nothing like Bobby Shmurda's but I congratulate him
More like a gangsta lean let's get this picture painted
Drop it low then pick it up before you hit the pavement
I was confined to crime since I was about 5 years old
Now nigga make up your mind you gonna rap or sell dope
I was followed like crazy this rapper life a pillow
But don't sleep on this nigga because I'm hard as brillo
Nigga I ain't no game, I never played Nintendo
Through puberty I was popping pussy and popping pimples
Popping cuties with heavy booties and pretty dimples
C'mon do the dope dance, man it's pretty simple

(Now do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it
A-do the dope-de-dope dope walk) [x2]


I almost fell I gotta pick it up
I almost fell I gotta pick it up
Got a story to tell, let me let you know what's up
I got a story to tell let me let you know what's up
I was at Abyssinian playing basketball
But it was different from playing basketball at the park
Cause at the park the dominicans had the packs of raw
That would make the fiends lean but they never fall
All that standing on the block just like a Pokemon (pika)
Dope dealers sitting like I gotta catch em' all
Uh gotta catch em' all like the theme song
I ain't Morgan Freeman, ain't no one to lean on
I'm a dope dealer, on a dope walk, now the sky turn to blue gotta get this dope off
They're like Menace II Society with O-Dog
Now the fiends leaning like he bout to touch his toe dog, look y'all
I'm the dope lord and y'all my fiends, y'all wanted this all your life
I've been coming up with hits like constantly, and you know my shit's so tight
And all of y'all rappers got nothing on me, this shit I ain't even write
And all of y'all bitches they on my D, cause they wanna hit this pipe

(Yeezus style scream)

1,2,3 Go
A-do the dope walk, I just don't walk [x5]
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