Art Garfunkel - The Annunciation Lyrics

Art Garfunkel Lyrics

The Annunciation Lyrics
"Hail! Hail Thou!
Hail thou who art highly favoured
Hail! Hail Thou!
The Lord is with thee

"Blessed art thou among women
Bessed art thou most of all.
Thou shall bring forth a son
And you will call His name-
He shall be great
And shall be called the Son of the Highest
And of his kingdom shall there be-
No ending to his kingdom
Never will there be an end"

"How can this be I know no man?
How can this be?
How can this be?"

"The Holy Ghost shall come unto thee
And the power of the Highest
Shall follow overshadow thee,
Overshadow thee
And that Holy Child that shall be born
Ever shall be called He shall be called forever
Be called the Son of God

"Most troubled am I of all women...
I fear I may not sleep this night...."

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