Art Garfunkel - Long Way Home Lyrics

Art Garfunkel Lyrics

Long Way Home Lyrics
[Originally by Maia Sharp]

The answer took some searching for
But you think you understand

With the lights still off
Our clothes still on the floor
And your head in your hands

You say she's holding you back
And bringing you down
You're all out of reasons to stick around
It's time to think of yourself
In spite of her tears
And break your vow of so many years

Well don't get me wrong
I like what I hear
And even if it's true
I have to ask
'Cause I wanna be absolutely clear
Just what am I to you

Oh I'm your light in the dark
Your breath of fresh air
The love of your life
The answer to all your prayers

No... I am just your long way home
I know it, you'll know it soon
I am just your long way home
You're welcome

That morning the day had finally come
For somebody to lose
You kissed me hard and walked out of my door
To give her the bad news

But I followed you there
Like the sick f*ck I am
To see what she'd do when you said goodbye again

She opened the door
She opened her arms

And you fell into them like a baby...
And there from my car
I became your long way home
I knew it, you know it now
I was just your long way home
I knew it, she knows it now
I was just your long way home

You're welcome...

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