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King Of Tonga Lyrics
She was bronzing in the sun drinking a cool rum punch
When a guy named D' Gatoni said, "Wow! Let me take
Your picture. You could be a model, girl. There's a guy
I know to show you how."
Now a model waves good-bye as on the plane she flies
Off to meet the king, the King of Tonga,
King of Tonga.

Now the girl gets to the palace dressed in black silk lace,
She says, "Well, my king of fashion and fame..."
And the king swings down and he fall on his face,
Said, "I'm so really, really glad you came."
Now the girl tries to resist, running from his kiss.
Now she's callin' the cops on the King of Tonga,
King of Tonga.

Daddy still doesn't momma night,
Tells her son, "Son, you squeeze her tight."
His daddy taught him everything he knows,
So the king steals the daddy's clothes.
Now the police knew the king, they knew him very well.
They said, "King, king what's the matter now?"
He said, "Boys, you've got to talk to this bride-to-be,
'Cause this crazy girl won't take my vow."
They said, "Give her romance."
And the king takes a chance,
And soon there'll be a new Queen
For the King of Tonga,
King of Tonga.
King of Tonga.
[Repeat and Fade]

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