American Idol - Rickey Smith Audition Lyrics

American Idol Lyrics

Rickey Smith Audition Lyrics
RICKEY: I'll give my best to you
But nothing for me to do
But have one last cry, one last cry
Before I leave it all behind
I've gotta put you out of my mind this time

SIMON: Thank you very much, indeed. Paula?

PAULA: Nice voice. I'm confused sbout your image of of--you look much older...than you actually are

RICKEY: Well, I mean I can look much younger.

SIMON: Really good voice.

RANDY: Well, yes or no guys?

SIMON: I think this guy's in the top five percent of votes and voices we've heard.

PAULA: I agree.

RANDY: He can definitley sing.

PAULA: So yes, yes to Hollywood?

ALL: Yes

PAULA: Yes to Hollywood. You're coming to Hollywood!

RICKEY: Oh this is fabulous. (Laughs) Hercules Hercules Hercules!

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