American Idol - Heatwave-Jennifer Hudson Lyrics

American Idol Lyrics

Heatwave-Jennifer Hudson Lyrics
Whenever I'm with him
Something inside
Starts to burnin'
And I'm filled with desire

Could it be the devil in me
Or is this the way love's supposed to be

Just like a heatwave
Burning in my heart
I can't keep from cryin'
It's tearing me apart

Sometimes I stare in space
Tears all over my face
I can't explain it, don't understand it
I ain't never felt like this before

Now that kind of feeling keeps me amazed
Don't know what to do, my head's in a haze

Yeah yeah yeah yeah oohh yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah oohh yeah

I'm feelin', burnin'
Right here in my heart
Don't you know it's like a heatwave

Burnin', burnin'
(I'ts like a) heatwave

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