American Idol - Come On In Out Of The Rain Lyrics

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Come On In Out Of The Rain Lyrics

You said you believed that we'd
find love together happily
after all the wrong I've done
you feel that I'm still the one
to give your loving to
so bring it home to you

You told me, that you'd love me
if I'd ever change
welcome me into your arms again
come on in out of the rain (hey)
there's a place in your heart to love me again
happiness and joy you bring
when you call my name
come on in out of the rain

I loved no one but you
but I strayed, I know I made you blue
you spoke into my very soul
you warmed my heart that once was cold
now I'm so glad I know (yeah yeah yeah)

Some people spend a lifetime looking for love
and I had love right here all the time
why did I try to deny it
deep inside I just couldn't fight it
you turned my life around
the love I lost is found
so let the rain come down

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