But You Know I Love You Lyrics by Alison Krauss

Alison Krauss Lyrics

But You Know I Love You Lyrics
When the morning sun streaks across my room
And I'm waking up, from another dream of you
When I'm on the road, once again it seems
All that's left behind is a chain of broken dreams

But you know I love you, yes I love you, oh I love you.

How I wish that love was all we need to live
What a life we'd have, cause I've got so much to give
But it seems so wrong, deep in side my heart
That the dollar sign should be keeping us apart


And if only I could find my way back to the time
When the problems of this life had yet not crossed your mind
And all the answers could be found in children's nursery rhymes
I'd come running back to you, I'd come running back to you

But you know we can't live on dreams alone
And to pay the rent, I must leave you all alone
Though I made my choice many years ago
And now this traveling life, it's the only one I know

[Chorus x2]

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