Time Is Money Lyrics by Akon

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Time Is Money Lyrics
[Verse 1: Akon]
I'm gonna give you one minute cause, you trippin'
Too much time in your hand, you slippin'
Why you focused on all of this dealin'
Them niggas coming in thru the back door, stealin'
Crib on the hill, now that's good livin'
Harder to reach when you make your first mil in
So much money, gotta stack to the ceiling
And I'm gonna keep doing this forever, god willing
Real niggas like me don't catch feelings
Only broke niggas be out there grinin'
Say you gettin money but you ain't even tippin'
The big booty girl in front of you, dippin'
Fronting like you really doing all that shippin'
Man you gotta be, gotta be kiddin'
Don't even try cause my weapon is hidden'
My nigga Dru ready to do some killin'

I'm a tell you just one time
Give me what's mine
Cause I don't have time to waste
Out here on my grind
Money on my mind
And I won't stop gettin paid
Living this life of mine
I don't really know
If it really got what it takes
Hustlin' is in my blood
It just won't go away

Time, money [x8]
Nigga with money
Don't have no time
Nigga with time
Don't have no money

[Verse 2:]
Kon Live in one year made millions
Everybody got money
Nigga we chillin'
But ain't go no time
It's a bad feelin'
Especially when you want a lil sexual healin'
A girlfriend's pullin'
A family's pullin'
In every direction everybody need money
My lifestyle redefine how they all livin'
If I keep it up, I'll be broke in a minute
My kin folks in the block
And they dealin'
All my goons still off they killin'
Man I be runnin' got no time to be skippin'
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