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A Thief In The Night Lyrics
They sat that character in the truest definition
is who you are when no one sees.
If you were faced by Christ could you explain your actions?
Or would you be driven to your knees?
Do you believe that all you do is under observation?
Do you believe that God can be deceived?

Listen now to what I say.
Conviction caant be laughed away.
Your deeds brought into light of day will serve to wiegh your soul.
Dont exchange the truth for lies.
Dont give in dont compromise.
Heaven sees through your disguise
and the hour of judgement comes like a thief in the night.

Keep in your mind the agony He suffered to redeem you.
He took the thorns, took the lashes, took the nails because He loves you.
There is a price He demands for those who choose to follow.
You must be true to Him alone, your testamony never hollow.

When all is said and done and the final act is over.
And you stand before the throne.
How will you fare beneath the glass of Holy justice,
when Christ examines all youve done?
When you look upon yourself do you see what He longs for?
Or do you see the enemy?
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