Cereal Wars Lyrics by A Fire Inside

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Cereal Wars Lyrics
Get up early in the morning, going to the store. Post, Kellogs, General Mills? It's the cereal war. F*ckin' store never has the monsters and they never get more. Post, Kellogs, General Mills? It's the cereal war.
I hope sexual chocolate is in stock, it's got a condom in the box. I'll try some cocoa puffs today. What the f*ck is Sonny anyway? Some say Dino's are the best, they've got more marshmallows than the rest. There's not a lot of cocoa in cocoa crispies, and always stay away from wheaties. Now it's dinner time and I'm going back to the store. I had some Erkles, 'liked 'em a lot. It's the cereal war. I wish I were Calvin or Hobbes and then I could try sugar bombs. The soggies will never get Cap'n Crunch, I guess I'll have Crunch Berries for lunch. Breakfast cereals need to be sweet, that's the only kind I'll eat. Give me sugar not nuts and twigs! Do I look like a f*ckin' squirrel to you?

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