We Grow Numb Lyrics by A Days Refrain

A Days Refrain Lyrics

We Grow Numb Lyrics
They gave me a sense of security, but whats my purpose?
My life, it fades away . now im nothing. your money is not my life, this is my life and you can't take that away. you pay me, i can't grow numb, this is my life. (its not worth my time, its not worth my life) we are losing years off our lives. this path has been conceived in stone too carefully mapped out for you to back out now. i hope youre happy climbing ropes but i can't help but feel that you can barely breath i hope you're happy chasing dreams, and look at you now you can barely breath. so move back from the door youre not going through. were made to feel stuck controlled by our fear. when youre done dying remember our dreams because this is not what we planned, this is not what we planned we lied, we lied, reply, reply (whats funny is) only pain will greet your money

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