No Trade Backs Lyrics by A Days Refrain

A Days Refrain Lyrics

No Trade Backs Lyrics
I never meant to hurt you i got lost in dreams, but please i couldnt bear to lose you.
I was there, i was alone, i was there and im never going back. stare at ceilings and run your hand against this wall to hold back your tears. i place my hand inside yours, it never felt this cold. i can still hold onto those days before the tears washed traces away, and i am sorry i broke these pictures, but please dont push me away.
I left that place. i could not survive. but i never meant to abandon you. and i can still feel your breath on my neck. so let your breath out, close your eyes, hold your hands out and say goodbye. i held on for as long as i could to dreams that were my life and im afraid i cant return. so ill try to slip away from reality.

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