The Funeral Lyrics by A Dark Performance

A Dark Performance Lyrics

The Funeral Lyrics
And her life seemed smaller
The smell of dirt and death was all around it
And she knew that something
Had happened when she saw them that night

In this place she will lie
The eternal sleep of a new life

Take me why don’t you look at me
Cause I have came to you
You’ll be with me forever more
So come with me or you…

Will be here for the entire eternity
Just realize that you can no longer be as you
So now we’ll leave this place

Conceive this like
A place where will you dream
So don’t be afraid they know
That you will not despair

Take me, please come with me
Cause I have came for you
You’ll be with me forever more
So now I’ll wait for you

And they left with the mourning

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